Episode 493: Being vs. Doing

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Aaron Anastasi talks about how the distinction between “being” and “doing” can change everything for us. We are often focused on “doing,” and pride ourselves on being hardworking and tenacious. But there’s a ceiling to hard work, and it turns out it’s a pretty low ceiling. Especially when we don’t shift our way of seeing ourselves and the world around us. We can choose a way of “being” in any given moment that will open up greater possibility for a superior result. “Who do you have to BE to get the results that you want?”

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1 Simple Thing Action

What’s one area in my life right now that just not working and take full responsibility for it.

Mentioned In Episode

How to Get Out Of Breakdown Structure:
Step 1: Where’s the breakdown?
Step 2: Taking full responsibility.
Step 3: Forgive yourself immediately.
Step 4: Ask yourself, “In light of this, what do I want to create?”


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