Episode 494: The Power of the Commitment Compartment

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Aaron Anastasi talks about the transformative power of what he calls the “Commitment Compartment.” Everyone can place something in their commitment compartment and say, “I’m determined to make this happen no matter what.” But for some reason when it comes to our dreams, seeds of doubt begin to sprout, and it becomes easy for that goal to pop out of our commitment compartment. Getting clear about what we want and placing it in our commitment compartment helps us eliminate doubt and get the kind of momentum that leads to habit, which makes things easier to do with less effort.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Every time we break a commitment to ourselves, we fracture our confidence. We want to rebuild our confidence in our ability to follow through on the things we say that we’re going to do. And that process can begin with something small:

Choose something today that you are going to commit to by tomorrow, and make sure you do it. Then, on the next day, do it again, and do it with something a little bigger. After a week of doing that say, “Ok, here’s what I am going to DO to commit to this big dream.” When we believe that our word becomes reality, and when we do what we say, we get the results we seek.

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