Episode 485: The Entrepreneurial Personality Type

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For entrepreneurs, greater awareness about themselves leads to a greater ability to innovate, lead and build teams, and create the lives they’re looking for. By understanding how the world affects them (Entrepreneurial Suppression), how they interact with the world (Entrepreneurial Loops and Spirals), and the foundation of their entrepreneurial existence (The Contribution Equation), entrepreneurs can find ways to lower pressure and noise, increase protection and support, and enhance their unique strengths and abilities so they can make their greatest contribution to the world.

Dave recaps episodes 481-484 where guest Alex Charfen shares from his FREE e-book, “The Entrepreneurial Personality Type (EPT).”

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Episode 481: Momentum: The Life Blood of the Entrepreneur

1 Simple Thing Action:
The fastest way for an entrepreneur to get into momentum is to give it to someone else. Entrepreneurs get stuck when they isolate. But if you are willing to reach out to someone else, check in on them, and let them know you care, the momentum will come back to you instantly.

Episode 482: Entrepreneurial Suppression: Why You Feel Like You Don’t Belong

1 Simple Thing Action:
Follow where you feel the momentum, and find people who make you feel like you’re better than you feel about yourself. If you’re telling people about your ideas and where you want to go, and they’re not excited about it, you’re telling the wrong people. Build a team or join a team, get into contribution, aim at an outcome, and go fast.

Episode 483: Entrepreneurial Loops and Spirals

1 Simple Thing Action:
First step: Clarify where you are today, understand what’s going on, and write things down. If you don’t know your net worth, understand it. If you don’t know how much money you’re spending, figure it out. If you don’t know what’s going on in your life or what you need to do next, sit down and clarify what’s going on.

Second step: Partially define an outcome and the next action that matters to you. What is the next place to aim at, that next level where you will focus your energy? Then push towards that goal with everything you have.

Episode 484: The Contribution Equation

1 Simple Thing Action:
If you are an Entrepreneurial Personality Type, there is nothing wrong with you, and you are not alone. Everyone in history who matters is just like you and has struggled just like you. EPT’s are the people who change the world because, as the rest of society desperately clings to the status quo and strives to become average, EPT’s wake up every day knowing there’s something bigger and more important, and something we have to contribute and change. If you are willing to lean into your strengths and forget anything that anyone has called a weakness, you can go out and change the world.


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