Episode 398: Overcoming “One Day” Syndrome

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Professional organizer Alison Kero talks about what tends to keep us stuck when we’re trying to become more organized, and what we can do to move past the indecisiveness. For example: keeping something you’re never going to use, thinking that “one day” it might come in handy, which then gives you permission to make no real decisions. Once you get organized, you’ll find yourself able to accomplish all the things you want, but with greater ease and much more joy.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Grab an item that has been keeping you stuck for awhile, hold it in your hands, look at it and allow yourself to focus and think about it. Take note of what thoughts come to you, which will provide you clues as to how you feel about the item. It will also allow you to release those feelings, and then hopefully you’ll be able to let go.


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