Episode 342: Get Unstuck

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Author Anne Grady talks about how to get unstuck. Perhaps some people see a beam of light and hear angels singing, and magically pull themselves out of being stuck. But for most of us it’s about taking it little chunks at a time and figuring out how to get out of the ruts we’ve gotten ourselves into. It’s very easy to settle into routines and get comfortable, but if we stay there, we don’t grow.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Identify a negative thought. Notice and catch yourself every time you say, “I can’t believe I…” “I shouldn’t have…” “ I wish I could…” “I don’t believe I didn’t…” or whatever negative thought it is. Identify a thought that is keeping you stuck and holding you back, and then create a visual reminder (like wearing a rubber band around your wrist.) Then, every time you’re tempted to say that negative thought, replace it with a more realistic, positive thought.


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