Episode 345: Strategies for Life, Love & Work

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What is happiness? How do you define it? Most of us have some vague idea of what it means to be happy, but do we know how to get there? On today’s 1 Simple Thing, I’m sharing my thoughts on what happiness is and how to get there.

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1 Simple Thing Actions:

Episode 341: Realize Your Courage

1 Simple Thing Action:
Identify what fears are holding you back. What things are keeping you stuck and what messages are you sending yourself that are keeping you there? What is something you wanted to accomplish, and what has kept you from doing it? Then work backwards to identify the thoughts or actions that trigger that response. Then creating a replacement thought with something you believe to be true that can help you overcome it.

Episode 342: Get Unstuck

1 Simple Thing Action:
Identify a negative thought. Notice and catch yourself every time you say, “I can’t believe I…” “I shouldn’t have…” “ I wish I could…” “I don’t believe I didn’t…” or whatever negative thought it is. Identify a thought that is keeping you stuck and holding you back, and then create a visual reminder (like wearing a rubber band around your wrist.) Then, every time you’re tempted to say that negative thought, replace it with a more realistic, positive thought.

Episode 343: Define Success

1 Simple Thing Action:
Create a Dream Board. Think about everything you want, go to Google or go through magazines, look at and cut out pictures of things that represent how you’d like your life to look. It doesn’t have to be monetary things; it’s about thinking of what you want it to look like, then finding pictures and words that represent that ideal life.

Episode 344: Rethink Happiness

1 Simple Thing Action:
Identify what you’re waiting for to be happy. Fill in the blank: “If ___________ I will be happy.” Example: “If I get promoted,” “If I get married,” “If I have kids,” “If I win a million dollars,” What is it that will make me happy? And then pare it down and think, “Okay, what do I need to do to be happy right now?”

Keep a Gratitude Journal. When you wake up each morning, write down three things you are grateful for or that make you happy. Then, when you go to bed, write down three things that made you smile or feel grateful. As you begin to shift your focus to those things that make you grateful, you’ll find that you attract more into your life.


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