Episode 456: Don’t Build on Sand

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On Today’s Show

Brian Fisher says it’s crucial to know your strong personal “why.” You must know why you want to be successful and why you want to be an entrepreneur because it serves as the foundation for everything you want to do in life. If you build a house on sand, it’s not going to weather the storm, but if you build your house on a solid foundation, you can put up with a lot of storms, critics and naysayers, and the challenges and adversities you’re going to face.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Get crystal clear what your “why” is and the “how” will come. Put up pictures on your bathroom mirror, on your phone or anywhere you spend time looking. Engage in “Dream Building” every single day and always keep in mind where you are going. Make the why concrete so it will also help get you through challenges and adversity. Discover where you are in your life today, decide in detail what you want and stay focused on it.


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