Episode 457: Pick a Lane

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On Today’s Show

Brian Fisher says focus is a difficult thing to master. When we multitask, we get sloppy and careless. So it is critical for our success to be disciplined and focus only on one thing. Put everything else (email, social media, etc.) on a shelf when you are working on that one thing. In life, when we fail to focus on what we are doing the effects might not be apparent or visible until the damage is done.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Develop a habit of being 100% disciplined and focused on the everyday things you do; whether it’s driving your car or eating dinner with your family. When working, focus on only that task. Every little thing you do, no matter what it is, focus on it and nothing else. It ‘s hard to start, but once you get into the habit of being disciplined and focusing you will notice a significant change in your life.


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