Episode 460: The Dirt Road to Success

Let Brian Fisher inspire you on The Dirt Road to Success CLICK HERE to get your copy. "The Dirt Road to Success: Proven Strategies to Help You Navigate the Rough Trails of Being the Best You Can Be in Life and Business" by Brian Fisher

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Brian Fisher’s real-world experience has classified him as a business and adversity expert, helping other entrepreneurs and leaders throttle their way to victory. His is a story of courage, persistence and a total commitment to overcome all obstacles. On this episode, Dave recaps episodes 456-459 where Brian shares wise advice and personal success experiences from his book, “The Dirt Road to Success: Proven Strategies to Help You Navigate the Rough Trails of Being the Best You Can Be in Life and Business.”

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 456: Don’t Build on Sand

1 Simple Thing Action:
Get crystal clear what your “why” is and the “how” will come. Put up pictures on your bathroom mirror, on your phone or anywhere you spend time looking. Engage in “Dream Building” every single day and always keep in mind where you are going. Make the why concrete so it will also help get you through challenges and adversity. Discover where you are in your life today, decide in detail what you want and stay focused on it.

Episode 457: Pick a Lane

1 Simple Thing Action:
Develop a habit of being 100% disciplined and focused on the everyday things you do; whether it’s driving your car or eating dinner with your family. When working, focus on only that task. Every little thing you do, no matter what it is, focus on it and nothing else. It ‘s hard to start, but once you get into the habit of being disciplined and focusing you will notice a significant change in your life.

Episode 458: Go Beyond Average

1 Simple Thing Action:
Be the best at what you do. Decide to take it to the next level. Most people are not willing to do that. They are looking for the easy, low-hanging fruit. They don’t want to put a lot of effort and time into things and are just going through the motions. If you are willing to do more than anybody else and go beyond average, it will pay off with a greater level of success and happiness in the long run.

Episode 459: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

1 Simple Thing Action:
Stay after it and don’t give up. Develop the mindset of, “If I passionately want this to happen, or this is something that is doing to benefit my family and me, it’s GOING to happen. I’m going to figure out a way to make it happen.”


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