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Business and life coach Christy Wright shares the secret to proper time management and having true life balance between family, work, and other activities that are important to us. She teaches us how life balance is not about giving everything an equal amount of time. Life balance is simply about doing the right things at the right time.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

There’s one thing we can never get more of or get back – and that’s time. Be intentional with the time you do have. Ask yourself, “Do I want to do this or would I rather do something else?” Other questions to ask yourself are, “Is this in-line with my goals?”, “How will this affect my family?” and “Is this a priority?” Often times when people ask us to do something we don’t think about it. We just react and just say “Yes!” But if we can stop reacting in the moment and say, “That’s a great idea, let me think about it.” Give ourselves a little space to make a wise decision.


Christy Wright


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