Don’t Let “NO” Get You Down

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Author Andrea Waltz talks about staying persistent in embracing and even pursuing “no.” Successful people fail eagerly while failures avoid failing. There seems to be a stigma about failure that makes us feel bad and even want to quit. We think, “I’m probably going to fail, so why even try?” That attitude holds us back from some amazing opportunities because being willing to fail is what creates the chance for success.

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Stop letting no’s go! Go for No! It’s that fun persistence that gives us the strength to commit for the long run. If you are passionate about something, have that long-term, patient, persistent attitude.

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1. THE ABILITY TO FAIL – This is where we all start. We all fail. The question is, “Do we tap into that ability and do we use it?”

2. WILLINGNESS TO FAIL – Usually people do it begrudgingly and are not all that thrilled about it. They are not excited and tapping into the value of what those No’s can bring them.

3. WANTING TO FAIL – This is the pinnacle of embracing the “Go for No” philosophy because it transforms us from just begrudgingly failing to seeing the value in it.

4. FAILING BIGGER AND FASTER – Going for that big NO. Up your quantity and collect all of that data. Start analyzing and start improving.

5. FAILING EXPONENTIALLY – If individual failures leads to individual successes, then team failures should lead to team success. Everyone can start failing together, getting no’s, and that can be powerful from a team perspective.


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