Episode 595: It’s Time to THRIVE

Take control of your destiny move beyond surviving and THRIVE with Clay Clark. Click Here to start Thriving. "Thrive: How to Take Control of Your Destiny and Move Beyond Surviving... Now!" by Clay Clark

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So many of us are barely surviving. That’s no way to live. You don’t have to put up with merely surviving when you can thrive. On today’s show, Dave recaps episodes 591-594 and his highly energetic and entertaining conversations with author Clay Clark, as he shares lessons from his book, “Thrive: How to Take Control of Your Destiny and Move Beyond Surviving… Now!”

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 591: Your Daily Checklist

1 Simple Thing Action:
Create one to-do list and calendar for your life, both business and personal. Build a daily checklist for spirit, mind, body, relationships and finances. Then begin blocking off time for your “rocks” in each of those critical areas of your life.

Episode 592: Duplicating Your Day

1 Simple Thing Action:
Step 1. Come up with a file naming system for all your files.
Step 2. Delegate all the daily duplicable task in your business by creating a step-by-step process how to get them done. Script all the steps.

Episode 593: The Power of Meta Time

1 Simple Thing Action:
Physically block off time in your calendar (place and time) to create your master To-Do list where you keep any thoughts you want to turn into something. Write down any big ideas on that list, and go over them every morning while listening to some music, creating a meditative environment.

Episode 594: Anniversaries at Waffle House

1 Simple Thing Action:
Ask yourself, “If money was not a limiting factor, what would I be doing?” Challenge yourself to spend at least fifteen minutes each day to study success. A good place to start is to go to Thrive15.com and try the free seven-day trial – Promo Code: Clay


Clay Clark

  • Founder of Thrive15.com
  • U.S. Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year
  • U.S. Chamber National Quality Award Winner
  • Speaker of Choice For Many of America’s Largest and Smallest Companies
  • Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Author

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