Episode 116: How Words Create Worlds


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Edie Varley talks about how our words create worlds. We seldom realize how our choice of words has a profound effect on ourselves and the people we interact with. Often times we unwittingly approach a situation with negativity and fear due to the wrong frame of mind and motivation. Edie wants us to change the words we think and speak to ones that are motivated by love. That has a positive, energizing, and empowering effect, not only in our personal lives, but also empowers and energizes every conversation we have with others.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

Say, “I want to” rather than “I have to, I ought to or I should.” These are external motivators based on fear. The phrase “I want to” is based on and motivated by love that is positive and empowering.


Edie Varley


  • Owner-Operator of A Multi-Million Dollar Chemical Manufacturing Business
  • Instructor
  • Speaker

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