Episode 120: How To Boost Your EQ


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Today is a recap of Episodes 116-119 where our guest Edie Varley describes and explains the 4 elements of Emotional Intelligence.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Episode 116 Topic: Words Create Worlds

1 Simple Thing Action:

Say “I want to” if you are going to do it anyway rather than I have to, I ought to or I should, external motivators, which are based on fear. The phrase I want to is based on and motivated by love that is positive and empowering.

Episode 117 Topic: Honor Your Word

1 Simple Thing Action:

Say what you mean and mean what you do.

Episode 118 Topic: Know Where You Live

1 Simple Thing Action:

Get present. Take a rubber band, not to tight not to lose, as long as you are aware that it’s on your wrist. If you begin to experience that blame, shame, guilt, resentment, bitterness, know you are in the “past”, and if you made a choice not to live in the past anymore, SNAP that rubber band, it will sting, and that pain will bring you immediately to the present moment.

Episode 119 Topic: Make A Greater Individual Commitment Count

1 Simple Thing Action:

Be at your best Live Up To the Fullness of Your Promise. Make a greater individual commitment count is a “performance choice”… I am acting with purpose. I am thinking rationally, and this is how I am going to deal effectively with my environment. I am going to make a certain decision, and amongst all this uncertainty, when we step up and step out because of our conviction we determine who we are, where we’re going, and why, and we make a greater individual commitment count consistently – we’re credible, we’re reliable, and people know we care. Those are absolute advantages in a marketplace of look-alikes. You would be very hard to copy.


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