Episode 124: Procrastinate On Purpose


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Rory Vaden talks about what it truly means to Procrastinate On Purpose. There is a massive difference between waiting to do something because you don’t feel like doing it, versus waiting to do something because you are deciding now is not the right time. Procrastinating on purpose is about how you can start living a life of significance by multiplying your time and purposely utilizing your greatest asset, one that is worth more than even money – your time.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Create 2 columns. One that represents places you procrastinate that you need to stop. The other represents things you need to intentionally wait until later to complete. For more details go to ProcrastinateOnPurpose.com, register, and watch the free 1 hour webinar where Rory will teach you the Focus Funnel and how to Procrastinate on Purpose.


Rory Vaden


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