Episode 125: How to MULTIPLY Your Time


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Time is a limited resource.  You can’t add more time to your day, but bestselling author Rory Vaden says you can multiply it. Find out how in this recap of episodes 121-124 featuring Rory Vaden and his new book “Procrastinate on Purpose.”

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Episode 121 Topic: Become a Time Multiplier

1 Simple Thing Action:

Make a list of things that will multiply your time (i.e. Things that you can spend time on today that will create more time tomorrow) The first step is just ask yourself that question; “What are the things I can do today that would create more time tomorrow?” And just make a list. Many of them will be ideas you’ve had in the past, you’ve just never been able to find the time to get around to do it because you are always inappropriately focused on the urgent things. And now you’re going to give yourself the permission to do them, because when you make the significance calculation you understand that they are more valuable.

Episode 122 Topic: The Emotions of Time Management

1 Simple Thing Action:

Make a list of all of the things that you are going to start saying no to. Any time you say “NO” to something today, you are creating more time tomorrow because you are creating space where you’re not doing something that you would have been doing. Most of us know there are things that we need to say no to in our life. We just feel guilty about it. So make a list of some of the things you’ve known you need to say no to and ask,” Could I give myself the permission to finally say no to these things?”

Episode 123 Topic: The Focus Funnel

1 Simple Thing Action:

Calculate your MVOT (Money Value of Time). You are always paying somebody to do a task. You are either paying somebody else at their rate of pay, or you are paying yourself at yours. So take the total amount of money you’ve made, divide it by the number of hours that you’ve worked, and you will come up with your hourly rate of pay. Then if you can pay somebody a lesser amount of money to do that task, let them do it. Then you spend that time focusing on others.

Episode 124 Topic: Procrastinate On Purpose

1 Simple Thing Action:

Create 2 columns. One that represents places you procrastinate that you need to stop, and the other represents things you need to intentionally wait until later to complete. For more details go to ProcrastinateOnPurpose.com, register, watch the free 1 hour webinar where Rory will teach you the Focus Funnel and how to Procrastinate on Purpose.


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