Episode 129: How To Build Your Dream Lifestyle


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Sharon Lechter talks about how the rich create, build, or buy assets and use the passive income to buy their luxuries while allowing their assets to keep on growing. Many people say live below your means. Sharon absolutely believes you need to live within your means. But Sharon’s goal is to help people expand their means so that they can live the lifestyle they choose. Listen to learn a new way of thinking, a new mindset of “How can I generate the revenue to pay for what I want?”

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Make a goal for something you want (ie. New golf clubs, gadget, or car) and challenge yourself to create, buy, or build an asset that will generate the income to purchase it.


Sharon Lechter


  • Bestselling Author at Think Grow Rich for Women
  • Business Strategist
  • Mentor

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