Episode 130: What the Rich Know About Money


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In this recap of Episodes 126-130 bestselling author Sharon Lechter shares secrets about money the rich know that you might not. She gives tips on generating passive income and surrounding ourselves with those who can help us achieve the dream lifestyle we’ve always wanted.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Episode 126 Topic: The POWER Of Passive Income

1 Simple Thing Action:

Focus on buying one asset that will generate passive income: from a gum ball machine or vending machine to rental real estate properties, and start generating passive income. List all the ideas you can come up with and figure out what makes the most sense right now. And ask yourself; “Why not?”

Episode 127 Topic: The POWER Of Mentors

1 Simple Thing Action:

Ask someone who is successful in what you want to do to mentor you. If you have someone already in mind you think would be a great mentor for you, put that into plan, and ask yourself, “How can I get in front of that person in a non-threatening way?” Are they involved in something that I can join? Make a commitment to take the next step to get involved with them. Consider 2 or 3 people you should think about that could be mentors for you, and put that plan into action. Understand what it is you want to do and how you think that person can help you. Put your plan in action but have the plan defined first. And don’t forget the importance of reciprocity.

Episode 128 Topic: The Importance Of A TEAM

1 Simple Thing Action:

Form a mastermind with people whose strengths complement your weaknesses and brainstorm your goals. Invite a few people out to lunch and float the idea of a mastermind. Or find an organization that operates within a mastermind. And never forget the theory of reciprocity. If they are helping you, make sure you are helping them as well.

Episode 129 Topic: How To Build Your Dream Lifestyle

1 Simple Thing Action:

Make a goal for something you want (ie. New golf clubs, gadget, or car) and challenge yourself to create, buy, or build an asset that will generate the income to purchase it.


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