Episode 132: Become A Mindset MASTER


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author and executive coach Dr. TC North talks about how to react with resilience and be a mindset master. Can I be in control of my mind enough that I can be at my best in this moment? Entrepreneurs face different challenges every day at work and at home, and it is during those difficult moments that we want to be at our best. That means learning how to create the right attitude, the right thoughts and the right emotions to perform at your peak capabilities – mentally, physically, and emotionally – during any challenging situation we face throughout our day.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Look at your schedule for the next 24 hours. What’s on your schedule that you want to be your best for? It could be a work challenge or even how you show up when you arrive home from work. Determine the emotions that best serve you in that situation (confident, relaxed, focused, positive, etc.) and create those emotions before you engage. This allows you to enter the interaction with the mindset that allows you to be your best.


Dr. TC North


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  • CEO and Founder of Catalyst High Performance

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