Episode 133: Get Control of Your Mind


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author and executive coach Dr. TC North talks about what it means to think with mindfulness, and learning to create mindful moments. He teaches how to take our brain off that automatic response, which allows us to look at our problems in a whole different way, which means we get to create solutions in a whole different way, making us wiser and smarter in our decision making process.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

The next time you come to a decision, choose to stop your mind for a moment. This gives you control of your thinking and takes your mind off of auto-response. Notice all the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. Notice all your normal thoughts and emotions. Then ask yourself, “Are there other, creative solutions that might be better for all?” Then, without judgment (being nonjudgmental is very important in this moment) be still and just notice your thoughts and emotions. When you do this, you have created a mindful moment. You can be more confident in your decisions after being mindful in making them.


Dr. TC North


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