Episode 135: Be FEARLESS and Live with FIRE


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we recap Episodes 131-134 where author and executive coach Dr. TC North talks about his book, “Fearless Leaders: Sharpen Your Focus: How the New Science of Mindfulness Can Help You Reclaim Your Confidence.” He shows us how to act with courage and blast through the fears that hold us back. He also teaches how mindfulness can help us enter any interaction or decision with the tools necessary to act intentionally.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Episode 131 Topic: Act With Inspiring Courage

1 Simple Thing Action:

Notice something you are procrastinating doing, or something you want to do, but fear is in your way. Choose to take action on it today. It can be a small action, but an action that engages you in moving forward in a way that helps you achieve what you want. This is a courageous action.

Episode 132 Topic: React With Resilience And Be A Mindset Master

1 Simple Thing Action:

Look at your schedule for the next 24 hours. What’s on your schedule that you want to be your best for? It could be a work challenge or even how you show up when you arrive home from work. Determine the emotions that best serve you in that situation (confident, relaxed, focused, positive, etc.) and create those emotions before you engage. This allows you to enter the interaction with the mindset that allows you to be your best.

Episode 133 Topic: Think With Mindfulness

1 Simple Thing Action:

The next time you come to a decision, choose to stop your mind for a moment. This gives you control of your thinking and takes your mind off of auto-response. Notice all the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing. Notice all your normal thoughts and emotions. Then ask yourself, “Are there other, creative solutions that might be better for all?” Then, without judgment (being nonjudgmental is very important in this moment) be still and just notice your thoughts and emotions. When you do this, you have created a mindful moment. You can be more confident in your decisions after being mindful in making them.

Episode 134 Topic: Excel With Unrelenting Fire

1 Simple Thing Action:

Choose something you do and ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” It could be, “Why did I choose to be an entrepreneur?” Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, so remember why. Often folks become entrepreneurs because they want more freedom, success or control. Remember why you are doing what you are doing. When you connect with your why, you are connecting with your purpose, which will energize and motivate you.


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