Episode 155: Your IDEAL Life and How to LIVE IT

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What does your ideal day look like? How about your ideal life? You can have both, if you know how to plan and develop the habits necessary to make it happen. In this recap Episodes 151-154 bestselling author Jairek Robbins gives us life changing advice from his book “Live It: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose.”

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Jairek Robbins Episode 151: Designing your IDEAL DAY

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Visit www.designmyidealday.com and get your FREE Ideal Day Design kit.

Jairek Robbins Episode 152: FILL UP & Fuel Up Each Day

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Each day take time to fill up and fuel up your mind, body and spirit. Make it a point, at the start of each day, to write out your big reason “Why” in a paragraph form and read it out loud to yourself 2, 3, or 4 times in a row until you really feel activated. If you find yourself running out of fuel ¾ of the way through your day… do it again… Re-fill, refuel, and use that energy to get through the rest of the day.

Jairek Robbins Episode 153: AM & PM Routines that shape your destiny!

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Design your AM and PM rituals for each day. Pick a time every day to wake up and practice the morning routine you’ve created. Every morning do those 1-5 things to start your day revved up and ready to go. Then pick a time to practice your evening routine to help totally wind down from your day and relax.

Jairek Robbins Episode 154: How do you define Success?

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Use the “Habit Loop” to build in a new success habit today. Identify 3 to 4 bad habits, habits you don’t like that you want to replace with a healthier and better habit. Replace those 3-4 bad habits with a habit you feel will help you live your ideal day. Find the “Habit Loop” in Jairek’s book, “Live It: Achieve Success by Living with Purpose.”


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