Episode 160: Finding Success under Stress

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Author and business psychologist Dr. Sharon Melnick talks about ways to find our center in the middle of a crazy, stressful world. She gives us practical tools based on her book “Success under Stress: Powerful Tools for Staying Calm, Confident, and Productive when the Pressure’s On.”

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Dr. Sharon Melnick Episode 156: Finding Calm In A Crazy World

1 Simple Thing Action:
Press the off button during busy days. The way we live now, we’re always “ON.” That has a wear and tear effect on our health, thinking, and problem solving ability. So rather than going through your day running around, what you want to do is a sprint-recovery pattern to your day. Optimally it would be 90 minutes of intense focus and concentration, really giving it your all, followed by a brief period of recovery of 1-10 minutes before going back to your sprint for another 90 minutes.

Dr. Sharon Melnick Episode 157: Prioritize Prioritizing

1 Simple Thing Action:
Know your action blocker type. Go to SharonMelnick.com/ActionQuiz to find out your specific action blockers and learn the solutions that match your type.

Dr. Sharon Melnick Episode 158: From Personalizing To Poised

1 Simple Thing Action:
Perform the “Cooling Breath” technique and reframe the story you are telling yourself about a stressful situation. Always be impeccable for your 50%… the things you CAN control.

Dr. Sharon Melnick Episode 159: How to Thrive During Change

1 Simple Thing Action:
Practice “powerful positioning.” Have an opportunity seeking mindset. Rather than staying stuck in what doesn’t work for you, see if there’s something new that can grow in you. See if you can approach the situation with an attitude of, “What I can learn? How this can bring out my strengths?” Also think about how you can bring value to others.


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