Episode 181: Plan Like a Pilot

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Author Hugh Culver shows us how good time management begins with making a plan. Pilots have a unique method they use when making their flight plan, and Hugh teaches how to apply that same discipline in our lives, so we always know where we are going to land.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Block 15 minutes to plan the next week. Get everything in one place instead of using multiple Post-It notes, calendars, apps, etc. Then divide it into groups:

Life Plan: Where do I want to be?
Year Goals: What are my goals for 2015?
Flight Plan For The Week: No more than about a dozen things.
Month (ex. April): Other things I want to work on in April.
Someday: Your holding pot.

Use this model to list everything in your mind that’s an idea, a suggestion from others, or anything that ends up being a “To-Do” and list it in one of those buckets. If it does not fit under any of the headings, then it’s not yet a priority and should be out of mind.

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