Episode 182: Making Time for What’s Important

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Author Hugh Culver talks about the idea of boundaries and blocking when we are looking at our day. Hugh teaches that when we get into the habit of naturally using boundaries and blocking it helps us overcome procrastination and makes us more productive throughout the day.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

The first step is to create the boundaries. Look for a stretch of time that ideally occurs every day when you want to be strategically unavailable. The second is to get into a habit of naturally creating appointments with yourself and place them on your calendar.

There are three things to consider when deciding to make that appointment.
1) Would I procrastinate about this?
2) Is it strategic in nature? Does this move the project forward?
3) Does it impact other people?

Mentioned In Episode:

XY Graph
Label the vertical as Energy and the horizontal as Time. The graph starts from the left-hand side representing when you arrive at work, and the right-hand side is when you wrap up your work day. When you feel you have high energy, mark it on top of the chart, and low energy is near the bottom of the chart. Simply plot your energy levels as you normally progress throughout your day and draw a line connecting the dots to see how you energy pattern flows throughout your day.


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