Episode 183: Batching Tasks for MAXIMUM Productivity

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Author Hugh Culver talks about how batching is an incredibly efficient way to run your day. Hugh illustrates how doing repetitive tasks all at once at certain intervals throughout the day – though not fun – will save time, lessen your anxiety levels, and produce dramatic results.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

When it comes to batching, look at repetitive tasks you can do all at once. Specifically look for anything to do with paperwork, filing, mail, invoicing, returning phone calls or email. Batch those together, claw back those 10 minutes a day, and then use that new found time wisely.

Mentioned In Episode:

10 a minutes a day is 1 week
If you can claw back 10 minutes of your time spent on email, it’s the equivalent to 1 week a year when you do the math on a 50-week work year. Any 10 minutes I can claw back is an amazing gift I can give myself in terms of free time.


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