Episode 205: The Impact of Your Influence

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Pat Williams shares some of his personal experiences and insights on leadership and how we can be a positive influence on others, based on his new book “The Difference You Make: Changing Your World through the Impact of Your Influence”

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Episode 201: Leaving An Imprint

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Find a mentor. We all need mentors because they have a great personal influence on our values and character. We want to be powerful influencers, and we can’t just have an empty well; we need to be taking in constantly. The more we take in, the more we can give out.

Episode 202: The Key to Influence

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Be careful how you conduct yourself. Have a very frank analysis of where you are in life with a close friend or pastor. Do an analysis of your life, where you could have gone astray and start correcting it.

Episode 203: The POWER of Our Words

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There is tremendous power in your tongue; choose your words carefully. Be very careful about the words you say and the tone of voice with which you say them, because they are digging deeply into people’s brains, their hearts, and their souls.

Episode 204: Leading With INFLUENCE

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Love what you do. When your greatest talent intersects with your greatest passion you have found your sweet spot in life, and that’s where you want to stay. And this provides you the opportunity to lead in an area that is exciting to you and interesting, and you never get bored.


Pat Williams

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  • Basketball Hall-of-Famer
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