Episode 208: Walk the Last Mile of Denial

It's time to fire your excuses let Dr. Bill Dyment show you how. Click here. "Fire Your Excuses"

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Author and speaker Dr. Bill Dyment reminds us that everyone has an area where they’re pretty strong and others where they are pretty weak, let’s just admit it and move on. Get the help we need. We can be sure the last 5 or 10 percent, where you’ve locked the front door, but left the back door wide open, is the part that will sneak up on you over the years.

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1 Simple Thing Action:

Use a simple self-monitoring technique to do a 2-week test at how you are living your life in a particular area of concern. If you are worried about where your time is going, write down how you are spending your time for two weeks. If you are worried about your finances, keep track of them for two weeks. For health use an app to enter what you eat for two weeks. By doing this, you’ll notice some patterns and it will start to break that denial.

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