Episode 23: Tell A New Story


Today’s Topic – Tell A New Story

We all have a story…that internal dialog that is going on all the time. We have assumptions of who we are, and where we are headed in life. Is your story something that is reinforcing or limiting you? Dana Wilde talks about the cycle of perpetual sameness and how that applies to our business journey.


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1 Simple Thing Action:

Catch yourself telling self-defeating stories and rewrite them in a way you’d like to see them instead. Use the powerful word “but” in a transitory statement. For example: “I am shy but I’m meeting all the right people at the right time” or “I’m procrastinating but I’m getting better all the time.” Use the powerful word “but” to create the change you want in your world. Stop beating yourself up and get of that cycle of perpetual sameness. Start using the word “but” powerfully every time you catch yourself thinking a self defeating thought where you normally want to beat yourself up.


Dana Wilde


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