Episode 48: Setting Limits on Technology



Today’s Topic – Respect Your Kid’s Technology

Regardless of age we all love our technology.  But, intentionally or unintentionally, we begin to devote more and more of our daily routine to satisfying our craving for technology.  On this episode learn what you can do as a family, or as an individual, to take back control of your time and attention.  Dr. Joshua Straub, Ph.D, gives some practical advice on how to set limits on technology to avoid being captive to our own electronic devices.


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1 Simple Thing Action:

Don’t make technology a placemat at any meal. Put away technology completely at the table when eating, either with your family or at a business lunch. When you say, “Listen, I value the time that I have with you, right here, right now, more than I do my phone,” it speaks volumes about who you are.



Joshua Straub Ph.D


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