Episode 49: Put Relationship First



Today’s Topic – Put Relationship First

The use of online technology has grown so rapidly that it has the capability to damage our self-image and self-worth, even negatively extending to our family and business relationships. However, if used responsibly, technology can be a great platform to build up others instead of ourselves…which results in true joy and happiness in life.

In this episode Dr. Joshua Straub will teach you the value of the “otherie”


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1 Simple Thing Action:

Establish a regular family meeting to discuss limits on technology you are putting in place and to just connect with one another. Put the technology away and just simply sit together and check in with the heart of each other. The same thing is true in the business place. If you have employees working for you, have regular meetings not only to check in on productivity, but where you are checking in on the lives of your employees. We know through research it will increase retention rate, it will increase productivity over time, and you’re really truly advocating on behalf of your employees. The consequence of doing this and focusing on others cannot be overestimated.



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