Episode 5: Speed Through Stress





Today’s Topic – Speed Through Stress

Friday is wrap-up day on the 1 Simple Thing podcast. We recap this week’s episodes featuring Dr. Rob Pennington, giving you helpful reminders on how you can speed through stress and turn your worst circumstances into your best opportunities.

1 Simple Thing Action

  • Monday – Break the automatic stress reaction by taking a deep breath and relaxing.
  • Tuesday – Imagine yourself in a beautiful peaceful place and causing yourself to feel good in that, or using memories of times when you have been in a wonderful place and felt good about being in that moment.
  • Pick a positive thought or sentence to build the day around. Then go through the day purposefully thinking it.
  • Smile for no reason, and hold that smile for 60 seconds.
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Dr. Rob Pennington

  • Psychologist
  • Award Winning Author
  • Recipient, Mental Health Association’s Outstanding Speaker Award (four times)

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