Episode 57: What Do You REALLY Want?



Today’s Topic – What Do You REALLY Want?

What do you want?  Seems like a simple enough question.  But then we realize that our actions don’t necessarily line up with our desires.  So what do you really want?  Coach, trainer and author Kim Ades will lead you on a journey to discovering what you REALLY want, so your actions will naturally flow from that base.


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1 Simple Thing Action:

Ask yourself – What do I want? Why don’t I have it?  And what is the impact on me of not having what I want? Then ask yourself about all the reasons and all the beliefs that are standing in the way of what you really want.



Kim Ades


  • President and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching
  • President of JournalEngine
  • Personal development coach
  • Expert on thought management
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Entrepreneur


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