Episode 61: You Are Hypnotized



Today’s Topic – You Are Hypnotized

Dr. Steve Taubman, reveals how we’ve all been hypnotized all our lives without even being aware of it. There are beliefs and habits programmed into our mind that come from our family, school, institutions, church, and from ourselves, that prevent us from truly achieving greater success in life and business. Listen and learn how to “UnHypnotize” yourself to achieve the level you really want in life.


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1 Simple Thing Action:

In the moment you experience upset, irritation, frustration, aggravation, or anger, take a deep breath, close your eyes and see if you can take your attention away from the emotion and thought, and put your attention on the physical experience in your body. Notice what that feeling is doing to your body. Where do you feel it in your body, where does it reside?  Practice “mindfulness,” the practice of getting out of your head and into your body. And just “be” in that moment.



Dr. Steve Taubman


  • Physician
  • Entertainer
  • Trainer
  • Author
  • Clinical and Stage Hypnotist
  • President and Founder of Power Track Presentations, a company dedicated to helping business professionals achieve results and change their mindset using hypnosis.


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