Episode 77: The SURE-FIRE Way to Conquer Procrastination



Today’s Topic – The SURE-FIRE Way to Conquer Procrastination

Bestselling author and speaker Michael Anderson reveals the sure-fire, tested method of overcoming procrastination and fear of getting started.  Find out how changing your mindset and thinking of that big audacious goal broken down into smaller bite-size “experiments” can set you free from procrastination.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

Experiment!  Call doing something new an “experiment.”  Take whatever you want to do, break it into the smallest chunk that will give you a realistic taste of it. Do that and see what you’ve learned from that experience. This prevents you from falling into “analysis paralysis.”


Michael Anderson


  • Former Professional Basketball Player
  • International Speaker
  • Radio-Show Host
  • Bestselling Author

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