Episode 78: How to Get the RIGHT THINGS Done



Today’s Topic – How to Get the RIGHT THINGS Done

Many times we fill our calendar and to-do list with busy work, thinking the more we get done, the more productive we’ll be. But that’s a recipe to end up overworked, overstressed, and just over it.  Bestselling author and speaker Michael Anderson teaches us how to properly manage our time and priorities to get the right things done,  resulting in more joy in our professional and personal lives.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

When you are really stressed, be honest with where you are in your life. Look at your to-do list and calendar and start deleting items that are not urgent. Cancel the lunches and unnecessary meetings. Strike the “shoulds” off your list and get down to the basics of what really needs to be done today.


Michael Anderson


  • Former Professional Basketball Player
  • International Speaker
  • Radio-Show Host
  • Bestselling Author

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