Episode 86: Discover Your YIPPEE!



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What gives you a deep sense of satisfaction at work? Is it the insightful financial analysis, the perfect design for a new building, the client who says “you’re the best,” or the employee who achieves her goals.

We all have something that gives us that sense of, “YES, I DID IT!” When we spend time doing something meaningful to us we bring our whole selves to that moment. Indeed, that is what passion is – being in the moment fully focused on what is at hand.

Author, CEO and consultant Elizabeth Crook says “Discover Your YIPPEE!” is all about helping you find YOUR passion.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

Do the post-it note exercise. Get a pack of Post-It notes and list the things that energize you? What things that deplete you?  Then evaluate what percentage of your time you are spending on each. And then ask yourself, “What can I do to increase the percentage of time I spend on those things I love versus those things that deplete me.”


Elizabeth Crook


  • Author
  • Life Reinvention Expert
  • CEO of Orchard Advisors

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