Episode 89: This ONE THING Could Change Your Day



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All of us have moments of defeat, fear, hesitation, or failure. Even people who are successful in the eyes of the world have these moments.  A shot of optimism is like a coach telling you there is only one more lap, or that the tournament is best 3 out of 5, or that you only have two strikes instead of three.

A shot of optimism gives us an energy and outlook boost to keep on going. So take a shot, regain your composure and keep on truckin’.

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 1 Simple Thing Action:

Pick something and do that thing for 30 minutes. Whether it is to clean a drawer, write a project, paint a picture, write a chapter in a book…just get over the inertia of not doing it. For people who tend to be really laid back, if they get more laid back then they have a hard time getting into action and really putting the muscle, persistence and discipline into their lives. And those who tend to be wound tight have a hard time giving ourselves permission to read a book, meditate, take a walk with a friend, or do those things that are nourishing and revitalizing to ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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