Episode 505: The A.D.D Entrepreneur


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Entrepreneurs are different. We’re wired differently. We’re the 1%. To others, we’re on the lunatic fringe, and to many, we’re risk takers. However, when you get a group of entrepreneurs in a room together, we’re pretty much all the same. One of the key traits that make us who we are is that most of us “suffer” from Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.).

On this episode, Dave recaps episode 501-504 where Matt talks about his book “The A.D.D Entrepreneur: How To Harness Your Superpowers To Create A Kickass Company” and how we can transform A.D.D. from a limitation to a superpower.

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 501: Begin at the Beginning

1 Simple Thing Action:
Think of an area in your business you have been avoiding or putting off because it’s hard or scary. Then do the hard work. Whatever that is, jump in and get it done. There are no shortcuts. Face those conflicts and meet those challenges head-on.

Episode 502: Practice the Art of Creative Destruction

1 Simple Thing Action:
List 3-5 departments: sales, operations, marketing, accounting, etc., and pick out 1-3 problems you can concentrate on and attack. That’s the way to continue to practice self-improvement.

Episode 503: Find a Way To Say “Yes”

1 Simple Thing Action:
Start with “Yes.” Ask, “What can I do to say “yes” more often that will lead to sales in my business?”

Episode 504: Stop Confusing and Start Convincing

1 Simple Thing Action:
A.B.C. Always Be Closing. Ask for the sale.


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