Episode 517: How to Get Your Mind in Shape


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Author Laura Coe teaches about how to take back your life and get your mind in shape. We live in a culture where, when we have limiting or negative thoughts, the typical response is, “Man up!” But she says it’s important for us to question the cultural mindset that it’s okay to walk around with these thoughts weighing us down. “Push through no matter what, and just work harder” is not always the answer. Sometimes it’s questioning these belief systems and taking a different path.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Replace the junk food thoughts with nutritional thoughts. The negative thoughts are like junk food. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” “What would I do if the world were completely my oyster or if I could have anything I want?” Notice the immediate limiting belief statements and write those down. Those are your junk food thoughts. Then talk to a dear friend or get a coach to replace those with empowered, nutritional beliefs that empower you.

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Emotional Obesity: A Philosophical Guide to Lighten Your Life by Laura Coe


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