Episode 518: The Truth About Authenticity


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Laura Coe says our minds are a great tool for analyzing things, but often not good at telling us the truth. We all have certain people we look at and say, “Oh, man, they’ve got it together!” We project our fantasy to other people, believing they don’t struggle with the same negative thoughts we do, and that’s just not the case. How do you find your authentic inner voice in the crowd of other voices that surround you? The limiting thoughts in your head that come from other places always make you feel weighed down. But when you listen to your deeper, authentic self, you’ll find there’s a lift of excitement and enthusiasm that comes with it.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Trust the deeper part of yourself that says, “This is my truth.” Take today and say, “Today I am going to act from my authentic truth.” Just be in your truth without feeling guilty or responsible for someone else. Just grant yourself a simple truth. Try that ten times and see the kinds of things that come up. It’s a workout, but keep flexing this muscle, and practice being kind to yourself until you get better at it.

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Emotional Obesity: A Philosophical Guide to Lighten Your Life by Laura Coe


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