Episode 526: Three Ways to Improve Communication Before Saying a Word


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Angela Proffitt talks about 3 ways to improve communication before saying a word. Reframing is the most important take away; understanding how to customize your message for each client type is imperative to success.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Point 1: Define your strategy & process to create a client experience
Point 2: Start capturing videos…even with your smart phone
Point 3: Learn what color you are and think about reframing

Mentioned In Episode

There are four different personality types, all having a direct impact on their experience as a colleague or client. The four personality types are represented by four colors. Everyone has all four colors, but one is definitely dominant. Descriptions of each as they relate to in business:

  • Blue: Your customer service. Your sensitive clients.
  • Gold: (Leaders) CEO’s. Doers. Very Loyal. (Client-wise) Clients that think they know what they want.
  • Green: (In a company) Researchers. Analytical. (Client perspective) People who do their own research to make sure they are getting the best value.
  • Orange: (In a company) Do not really follow a process. Marketers. (Clients perspective) These are the people who need planners the most because they need strategy and organization; they mostly care about the experience.

True Colors Chart

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