Episode 539: The Path to Achieving Exactly What You Want


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Alex Charfen shows us that achieving what you want is simpler than you may imagine, and it’s based on a framework with the power to drive your success across business, self-improvement, fitness, relationships and parenting. This framework is a structure that helps you feel like you’re in momentum on a daily basis.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Set aside a time for daily planning and solitude. Each morning answer two questions: (Just write them down):

  1. What is my intention for the day?
  2. Where was I uncomfortable yesterday?

Here’s why: Question 1 reveals where you will create momentum. And Question 2 shows what is taking away your momentum.

For entrepreneurs we tolerate far too much, believing we will still get what we want, despite the pressure and noise that distracts and takes us out of momentum. When we finally take steps to stop tolerating, that’s when we finally create powerful momentum and circumstances where success comes to us.

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Alex Charfen

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  • Author
  • Speaker on entrepreneurial awareness
  • Inc 500 Award winner three years in a row

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