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Most people live their entire lives in the herd, following trends and driving toward expectations that others hold over them. It’s understandable: challenging the status quo is difficult and scary. But this fear results in a lack of perspective. It forces people to live their lives without.

While many books, seminars, and presentations have been developed around the power of intention, few understand the real tactics of intention. But there are tactics, steps we can all take to live with intention and achieve our greatest outcomes. By understanding how to lower pressure and noise in our lives, and create the systems and frameworks for protection and support, anyone can allow their unique strengths and abilities – their superpowers – to show up in incredible ways.

On today’s show, Dave recaps episodes 536-539 where Alex Charfen shares how to Awaken Your Superpower.

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1 Simple Thing Actions

Episode 536: The 3 Alignments that Unlock Your Greatest Potential

1 Simple Thing Action:
Change your environment, because when we change our environment, we change the things we’re looking at and everything around us starts to shift. Commit to at least one room, a chest of drawers, or an area of your house, and unload some things. Every time you do this, you’ll feel an instant boost in momentum.

Episode 537: Simple Question: Do You Know What You Want?

1 Simple Thing Action:
People do not think about the things that trigger them to say, “I would like to have that,” or, “Hey, look at what that other person has that I don’t.” We’ve been taught not to think about those things and, “don’t be jealous, don’t envy, don’t covet.” But the fact is, what all those thoughts are is our subconscious saying, “That’s what I like and want in my life.” So stop denying it, start accepting it, and look for ways to start bringing it into your life.

Episode 538: The Formula Behind All Your Past Successes

1 Simple Thing Action:
Pick a compelling outcome and then figure out a way to measure your progress. Just do something, pick something, measure it, start moving it forward, and if it’s exciting for you, it’s going to spill over into the rest of your life.

Episode 539: The Path to Achieving Exactly What You Want

1 Simple Thing Action:
Set aside a time for daily planning and solitude. Each morning answer two questions: (Just write them down):

  1. What is my intention for the day?
  2. Where was I uncomfortable yesterday?

Here’s why: Question 1 reveals where you will create momentum. And Question 2 shows what is taking away your momentum.

For entrepreneurs we tolerate far too much, believing we will still get what we want, despite the pressure and noise that distracts and takes us out of momentum. When we finally take steps to stop tolerating, that’s when we finally create powerful momentum and circumstances where success comes to us.


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