Episode 543: Recognize Your Money Habits


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Rachel Cruze believes that, if you can create good money habits in your life, it just sets you up well for the future. And the idea of “habits” is doing something every day, little decisions that lead towards something healthy and good. Then you wake up one day and realize that habit has now become a part of who you are. Things become automatic to you, and it doesn’t have to be a stretch and fight every single time you look at your checking account.

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It’s important to realize which money habits are helping you and which habits are harming you. Look at your money situation. Are you doing a budget? Are you in control of your finances? Are you talking to your spouse about it? We all have money habits, either good or bad, so look at the bad ones and say “I’m going to work on these to fix and transform them into good money habits instead of bad.”

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7 Money Habits:
1. Quit comparing yourself to others
2. Steer clear of debt
3. Make a plan for your money
4. Talk about money even when it’s hard
5. Save it like you mean it
6. Think before you spend
7. Give a little until you can give a lot


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