Episode 544: How a Plan Changes Everything


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Rachel Cruze says a budget doesn’t have to feel restrictive and take away all our fun. Instead, a budget is a permission to spend. It allows you to do the things you want and value; you just have to do it on purpose. Having a budget also makes your spending more enjoyable and takes the guilt and shame away, because the spending is what you planned and you are not second guessing yourself. Take control of your money or your money will take control of you. And the number one way to take control of your money is to have a budget.

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Stop comparing your life with everyone else, learn to love the life you are in, and create healthy money habits support that, then get to the point where you are happy and grateful for where you are today. Start with establishing a foundation of contentment, then build on top of it with good money habits, including a budget. This practice will give you peace in the present and help you achieve the life you want in the future because you are taking control of your money.

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