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Kute Blackson says our mind is constantly going. We have 65,000-75,000 thoughts a day. It’s a constant person inside of us saying, “Hey, don’t do that,” “Do that,” “Eat that ice cream,” “What’s wrong with you?” “You’re not good enough.” “Oh my God, you’re so _____!”

Our mind is programmed and conditioned from childhood, and many of the thoughts we’re thinking are not even ours, they’ve been passed down to us from generation to generation, and we’re just playing them out daily. But just because the thought is in your mind it doesn’t mean it’s real or a fact. We must realize that it’s not the thoughts that are important but your relationship with your thoughts. The mind is an amazing salesperson, and we must start to question and not just buy what our mind is selling us. Kute teaches us how to decipher and stop buying fake thoughts believing they’re real.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Don’t listen to everything your mind says. Identify one area in your life that you’ve been suppressing and become honest about it. Give yourself permission to feel whatever arises without trying to get rid of it or fix it. When you accept and acknowledge what you feel, that feeling (sadness, pain, anger, etc.) will start to dissipate.


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