Episode 576: You’re NOT a Superhuman


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Stephanie Melish talks about a common mistake made by entrepreneurs, and that’s attempting to be superhuman. When you are leading your own path, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to be Superman or Wonder Woman. And it’s crazy to attempt to do all things and be everything to everyone in your business. We have to come to the realization that we cannot do everything and learn to ask for help.

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1 Simple Thing Action

Give yourself permission and acknowledge you are not a superhero and to not feel the pressure to do it all. And once you release that feeling, you’ll open yourself up to better ways to manage your time and resources to put you where you truly should be in your business.

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Make a list of the things that you LIKE to do and LOVE to do and the things that you LOATH. And make another list of the things that you really are NOT GOOD AT, and the things that you are GOOD AT, and the things that YOU’RE GREAT AT doing. Combine the list and see where they overlap. The idea is to outsource the things that you really loath and suck the energy out of you and delegate the things that you are really not good at.


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