Episode 583: How do we build self-love?


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Daniel Packard says life and business can be limited by fear. If you are more comfortable with yourself and have more self-love, you’re better at sales because you’re not emotionally attached to the outcome, so it puts people at ease. You’re a better leader because you can be more magnanimous, more generous, more patient, and more compassionate. You can also be more authentic. When you love yourself more, you’re more vulnerable and transparent, and people resonate to those qualities. It also allows you to think outside the box more, and be a more creative thinker because there’s no fear of rejection or failure. Ultimately, you can bring your most valuable gift to your business place which is your unique self.

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Be courageous. You might find yourself in a situation where you are afraid of being rejected and you don’t do the thing. Maybe it’s a hard talk with someone you love. But if you instead do that thing despite the fear, and act with courage, it’s a very powerful transformation where you both become vulnerable and feel loved.


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