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Relationships are so vital to our lives. Being with the right person brings us joy and happiness. Being with the wrong person not only makes us miserable but can have an adverse impact on our business and every other area of life.

On this episode, Dave recaps episodes 581-584 where Trainer of Love Athletes Daniel Packard shares life-changing love lessons from his Online Course: “Next Level Love.”

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Episode 581: Your Biggest Love Mistake

1 Simple Thing Action:
If you find yourself blaming your love life on external things (your appearance, other people, your city, etc.) ask yourself, “Is the real issue,(that external thing) or am I just afraid?”

Episode 582: Becoming Less Afraid

1 Simple Thing Action:
1) Part of dismantling “not enough to be loved” is you just have to catch it because it’s a lie, and if you spot a lie, it starts to dissolve. So notice when “not enough” is part of your decision making. Here’s how to catch it: When you find yourself afraid of (that thing) ______________, stop and say, “That’s not what I’m afraid of. What I’m afraid of is they’re going to do something, and I’m going to make it mean that I’m not enough to be loved.” Just bringing that deep subconscious fear to the surface will start to dissolve it.

2) When we are afraid of rejection we go into a pattern, and when we’re locked in our pattern we rob ourselves the chance to grow. When you are afraid of being rejected, don’t make your measurement of success the thing going well. Meaning if you’re going for a raise don’t say, “If I get the raise, I did a good job.” Because if you do that your “not enough” wiring will scare you into creating excuses. Instead, create your measurement of success in your process and say, “I don’t care what my boss says. I want to practice being vulnerable.” That way no matter what happens you will be proud of yourself and won’t feel rejected because you did it on your terms. Instead, you’ll feel a dose of love and a little treat to reward yourself for your courage.

Episode 583: How do we build self-love?

1 Simple Thing Action:
Be courageous. You might find yourself in a situation where you are afraid of being rejected and you don’t do the thing. Maybe it’s a hard talk with someone you love. But if you instead do that thing despite the fear, and act with courage, it’s a very powerful transformation where you both become vulnerable and feel loved.

Episode 584: Creating deeper love with others

1 Simple Thing Action:
Be aware and responsible with your feelings. The feeling we all desire is to be seen and acknowledged as our true self. Anybody can find a relationship, but when you give permission to the other person to be truly themselves, and when you’re both being true to yourselves you get the intimacy and connection that leads to passion.


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